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Natural Drinking Water: What the fuss is all about.

Water is the source of all life. The question however is, is all water equally nourishing for us humans? The short answer is: no.

There are different kinds of water. There is natural mineral water, which is water in its natural form, with all its salts and minerals intact; there is purified water where some sediments, minerals and salts are removed; and then there is distilled water, which is just water, stripped bare of all its minerals and salts.

Now, which of these types of water is most suitable for human consumption? While distilled water might technically be the ‘purest’ form of water, it is least suited out of the three for drinking. Water is not just a source of hydration for us, but also delivers essential minerals and salts to our body.

Purified water, bottled or otherwise, comes from sources like rivers, lakes and man-made reservoirs and is better, because it is cleaned and filtered, and harmful contaminants are removed from it. At times, some minerals are artificially added to it too.

However, according to both ancient wisdom and modern science, natural mineral water is the best for human consumption because it is found at the purest and cleanest of sources on earth, and isn’t contaminated by chemicals, waste material or pollution. This water naturally contains essential minerals and salts. Human civilisations have always deemed these waters to be pure, medicinal, sacred and even magical!

Natural mineral water is found at various kinds of sources. It could be bursting out of geysers, bubbling out of springs, flowing out of glaciers and turning into great rivers, or be quietly contained in secret aquifers or natural underground reservoirs. The mineral composition, pH value, and hardness of natural mineral water varies, depending on its source.

India has few, but great sources of natural mineral water. For instance, there are the pure natural mineral springs of the Himalayas, the healing hot springs of Bengal, Sikkim, Jharkhand and Orissa, and the mystical aquifers of the Sahyadris. The ideal and traditional way for us to drink these waters would be to make pilgrimages to these lofty sources and consume these waters as a precious gift from nature. However, given that our lives now mostly consist of back-to-back meetings, traffic jams and living the generally harrowed city life, taking the time to make such journeys is nearly impossible.

Lucky for us though, these natural mineral waters have of late been made available to urban communities by several brands in the form of bottled natural mineral water. Komin is one such brand that extracts the cleanest natural mineral water from the underground aquifers of the 100 million years old, volcanic Sahyadris, filters away any remnants of rock or soil, and bottles it at the source, before delivering it to your nearest supermarket.

So, now that this elixir of life is available to us without wreaking havoc on our schedules, we must go back to the ways of our ancestors and gave natural mineral water a special and vital place in our lives.