KOMIN Natural Mineral Water chosen among the Best Tasting Water in the world at the International High End Drinking Water Expo 2019.

KOMIN Natural Mineral Water has won the ‘Bronze Award in the Still Water Category’ in the International water-tasting competition held in Guangzhou, China. ‘Komin Natural Mineral Water’ was the only brand from India to win the award making KOMIN the torchbearer for the Indian High end water Industry.

This is a matter of pride for India as water from the natural aquifer of Komin located in the Sahayadri Range got International recognition. Continue reading “KOMIN WINS BRONZE PRIZE for INDIA”

Natural Mineral Water – The natural Immunity Booster

There’s no question that H2O is nothing short of a miracle. It is the fundamental building block to life that separates our Earth from the other planets in the cosmos. 60% of the average (human)adult body is made up of water, facilitating functions from cellular homeostasis to the workings of all major organs. This basically means that humans cannot survive more than a few days without water Continue reading “Natural Mineral Water – The natural Immunity Booster”

How to Avoid the Post-Lunch Energy Slump

They say that the hour after lunch is the most ineffective hour in any workplace. That’s because it arrives right on time for your midday slump after the sugar-fuelled energy spike. We have all caught ourselves feeling sleepy or yawning at our desks around an hour after eating lunch.This is only natural, because your blood sugar levels drop after your body is done processing your lunch. Continue reading “How to Avoid the Post-Lunch Energy Slump”

When You’re Starting a Gourmet Food Truck

Old, young, rich, or poor, street food is an important part of all our lives. We’ve all grown up around street idlivada carts, chaat stalls, and ‘Chinese’ food trucks, but the new buzz in the street food world are, high-concept, Gourmet Food Trucks. The great thing about a food truck is that it does away with a lot of your culinary and business limitations. Today, food trucks are serving it all! Whether it’s classic soul food like dosasand burgers, or a quirky take on it like a pao bhaji rolls and deep-fried Oreos Continue reading “When You’re Starting a Gourmet Food Truck”

5 Delicious Traditional Indian Drinks for the Summer

Remember being welcomed home by grandma with a fresh, delicious drink every day in the summers?! Most Indians would share this childhood memory, because no matter which part of the country you come from,there are some drinks that take you right back to your summer vacations. Just before you’d step out of the house to play, grandma would insist that you have one of these drinks, not just because these drinks were yummy, but also because they were healthy, refreshing, and rejuvenating. Continue reading “5 Delicious Traditional Indian Drinks for the Summer”

Infused Water – A Refreshing and Delicious Way to Stay Hydrated This Summer!

Summer is officially here. When the sun is beating down on us, a glass of water seems like the sweetest respite. What could be better than drinking cold water on a hot day? Well, drinking infused natural mineral water!Our body loses a lot more fluids and electrolytes in the summer months, especially while doing any physical activity. So, to replenish those fluids and electrolytes at a higher rate, it is important to stay hydrated with natural mineral water. Continue reading “Infused Water – A Refreshing and Delicious Way to Stay Hydrated This Summer!”

7 Must-Haves in Any Hotel Room

Hotel rooms are a large part of life for a lot of people. Whether it’s for work or leisure, people want a seamless experience when they go to a hotel room, especially when they are paying a dear premium for it.When it comes what works as far as the style, amenities, and elements in a hotel room are concerned, people have a wide variety of preferences. However, there are certain basics which are largely the same for most people, irrespective of their tastes otherwise, and are absolutely non-negotiable. Continue reading “7 Must-Haves in Any Hotel Room”

Volcanic Aquifers: Demystifying the Source

In our previous blogs, we have talked about the source of Komin Natural Mineral Water: the secret aquifers of the Sahyadri Mountains. Now, let’s take you deeper to explore this mystical natural mineral water source.

An aquifer is defined as an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock, rock fractures or unconsolidated materials such as gravel, sand, or silt, or in the case of Komin, pristine volcanic rock. This means that it is a pocket of water, hidden beneath the surface of the Earth, following years of organic filtration and enrichment through layers of natural substances. Continue reading “Volcanic Aquifers: Demystifying the Source”

Volcanic Aquifers: Demystifying the Source

Connoisseurs of Water

Water plays a huge part in our lives. Some water tastes like the town where we grew up, some reminds us of the way water tasted when we visited grandma in the village family home. The taste of water can instantly transport us miles and years away! So, it’s no wonder that when it comes to water, we all have our unique preferences. Some people prefer their water smooth, some fruity, and some even salty and metallic, but that is a rather simplistic understanding of water taste profiles. Now, however, there are real world water experts out there. Yes, we’re talking about water sommeliers. Continue reading “Connoisseurs of Water”