7 Must-Haves in Any Hotel Room

Hotel rooms are a large part of life for a lot of people. Whether it’s for work or leisure, people want a seamless experience when they go to a hotel room, especially when they are paying a dear premium for it.When it comes what works as far as the style, amenities, and elements in a hotel room are concerned, people have a wide variety of preferences. However, there are certain basics which are largely the same for most people, irrespective of their tastes otherwise, and are absolutely non-negotiable.


Here are these 7 basics which guests look for in every hotel room.

  1. A Smell that Welcomes You In

The moment we enter a room, any room, we are introduced to the smell of the room. This smell gives us the first impression of the room and prepares us for what lies ahead. If the air is heavy, musty, mouldy and reeking of obscene amounts of ‘freshener’ spray, our nose crinkles up in a cringe. If it is the fresh, crisp and mellow smell of light air, we automatically develop a subconscious affinity to the place we’re in.

  1. Clean Bed Linens and Furniture

After completing their journey and arriving in their hotel room, people plonk down on their bed or the couch. If the bed linens, sofas or couches are not clean, sanitary, and fresh smelling, it can be immediately off-putting to people and is considered a cardinal sin that is never forgiven or forgotten.

  1. No-Compromise Showers

A spic and span bathroom which is regularly cleaned and sanitised is a must. There is no bigger turn off than a foul-smelling bathroom! The showering area should be spacious, with squeaky clean shower curtains that stay out of the way without sticking to the guest’s elbows every time they move around! Mould on the shower curtains can also be not just revolting, but even dangerous!

  1. Clean, Fluffy, White Towels

Another non-negotiable factor is clean, large, white towels. A good towel can affect the guest’s stay at a hotel much more that anyone could guess. A clean white towel lets the guest know that the hotel is not trying to ‘hide away’ any stains from them, in coloured or printed towels. After a full day of sight-seeing or business meetings, guests are yearning for a hot shower and a dirty, stale or stained towel can completely ruin the experience. A guest would never revisit a hotel that failed to provide them with clean towels!

  1. A Room That’s Just Right!

A room that is too warm or too cold is yet another issue that can become a nagging problem for guests, throughout their stay. Different people have different preferences when it comes to the temperature of their space and the guest should have complete temperature control in their hotel room. Guests find it unacceptable to be stuck in a room that doesn’t have a fully functioning and easy-to-use thermostat system.

  1. A Silent and Sturdy Bed

Beds that are either hard like stone or so soft that they are unstable are a pet peeve for many. Some beds are so fluffy that the guest is jolted awake every time they shift a leg in their sleep! Whereas others are so hard that guests need to bring along their own sleeping bags to line them. Again, there are different preferences when it comes to the structural integrity of their bed. Ideally, a hotel should have two kinds of mattresses, one which is soft yet sturdy and another which is a harder orthopaedic mattress.

  1. No Scavenger Hunts for Drinking Water

Drinking water is another undeniable basic that every guest seeks from their hotel room. Apart from two complimentary water bottles, per guest, per room, a reliable brand of bottled water should also be available to order through room service, at all hours. While any reputed brand will do the job, guests will appreciate it even more if the water available is not only premium, but also naturally enriched with essential salts and electrolytes, such as Komin Natural Mineral Water.