Quality Personified

Basic Needs of Human Body

Human body requires food, Fresh Water and sleep for a healthy lifestyle. If everything is taken in moderation our life is a supreme bliss. Water needs special attention in our day to day lives, a well hydrated body is free from illness, fatigue etc.

Epitome Quality of Komin Natural Mineral Water

Komin is introducing Natural Mineral Water that is perfectly made by nature itself with faultless quality; this is what we need for a Healthy Lifestyle. To preserve its virginity from origin to bottling is our duty. Komin Natural Mineral Water is a brand that is ISO Certified, the antique bottles are so eye catching that will lure to buy one to quench your thirst. We are working hard to create value that be supported for coming generations. Komin Water is meeting consumer needs by providing quality water straight from Western ghats. The water from this origin is untouched by human hands to maintain its purity.

Our commitment is to provide Natural Mineral Water to the society, to build a healthier lifestyle for years to come. For daily hydration needs Water Quality plays a major role, polluted water may deteriorate health leading to dangerous water borne diseases. To curb water borne diseases we have come up with something unique that can give 360 degree turn your life and lifestyle. As eating is very important drinking clean and pure mineral enriched water is equally important.

Bottled at the origin using Eco-Friendly practices

Products from Komin guarantee safety and the water quality is as per the standard set by relevant laws and regulations. The water remains organic in every sense thanks to an eco-friendly bottling practice that conforms to utmost hygienic standard. Bottling at source/origin helps us maintain our tag as Provider of “Natural Volcanic Water”. Apparently it also fulfills our duty of preserving bio-diversity, which is vital for harnessing natural treasures without disturbing eco-system.

We make necessary effort to provide healthy bottled water that tastes extremely tasty without compromising on quality of natural Water . Nature’s water purification process purifies water through layers of Basalt/Rock Formations beneath Sacred Aquifers.

Health in Trendy Antique Bottle

Komin’s Antique Bottle is a perfect blend of taste, vitality and purity. Encased in a trendy and beautiful pet bottle the spirit of Sahyadri is highlighted, it being a kind eco-sphere for life and vigor. A bottle of Komin can change the way of feel, making you cheerful, energetic and lively.

Precise mineral composition

Natural Mineral Water has a typical mineral composition, where stability is always maintained. This distinct composition enhances water quality and makes it fit for drinking.

Why Komin

  • Filled with essential natural minerals enriched water
  • Unmatched water quality
  • Distinct taste and natural flavor
  • Natural Alkaline water to maintain ph balance in the body
  • Komin maintains specific natural mineral composition, suitable to maintain good health.
  • In recognition of utmost concern for quality standards, we have been bestowed with ISO- Certificate for Food Safety Standards.

There are innumerable health benefits of natural mineral water

  • It is effective in healing process
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Refills electrolytes
  • Lowers cholesterol level
  • Boosts metabolism and overall performance
  • Good for skin and hair
  • It acts as a wonderful detoxifier
  • Effective in blood regeneration
Natural Mineral Water has been in use from ages to gain Healthy Life. A healthy mind and body is a storehouse of positivity and vigor. Food, air, sleep and water are life sources, so choose wisely what goes into your body. For healthy life and lifestyles choose Komin, a brand curated for health benefits. To stay fit naturally natural mineral water is the only answer. Cultivate this habit from today…