Sacred aquifer

Natural Water from beneath a Sacred Aquifer

Natural Water from benevolent mountains of Western Ghats range brings you closer to nature.

Opt Natural Lifestyle

Today’s Fast and Materialistic Life has taken a toll on our health, to curb this artificial life we have to include nature and Natural Products in our day to day life. Human body is made of 5 elements out of 5 water is one important element.

Fitness is a vital aspect for a healthy living which includes a walk or jog in nature that automatically uplifts one’s mood, similarly good diet is also vital including good food and enough water. Human body needs Balanced Mineral Supply the best way to get it, is by consuming natural mineral water straight from the benevolent mountains.

Natural Mineral Water-Nature’s Gift to Mankind

Western ghats is nature’s best creations, it is comprised of majestic jungles accompanied with species of flora and fauna. Far from the impact of civilization there lies an aquifer remained elusive from mankind. Benevolent Sahyadri Mountains offers pristine and Organic Mineral Water enriched with minerals for health benefits.

The sahyadri range has housed beautiful benevolent mountains, jungles, tourist destinations and few perennial rivers. These tourist spots are breath taking with amazing beauty, serenity and pristine environment.

As the water is sourced from its origin I’e Western Ghats the taste remains untouched from human hands, making it completely safe for drinking purpose. Every drop is pure, tasty and rich with Essential Minerals required for human body. The water is passed through many layers of clay, soil and rock giving us Virgin Water to quench our thirst.

Komin Natural Mineral Water Filtration Process

Komin Natural Mineral Water gives amazing health benefits for young and old. The volcanic water has innate properties to revitalize body and soul. Western ghats led us to discover a remarkable transformation that occurs in the sahyadri range during monsoon.

As Monsoon Vapors embrace the benevolent mountains the rain water is filtered through porous lava mantle gradually gathering the electrolytes and natural minerals to become incredibly soft and Pure Organic Water through Natural Water Filtration Process. Through this filtration process happening in and around benevolent mountains the natural taste cannot be replicated.

Natural Minerals in Komin Water

Essential minerals present in Natural Mineral Water from Western ghats, have constituents like Bi-carbonates, Calcium, Sodium, Alkaline,Magnesium, Sulphate, Zinc and other dissolved solids. These minerals cannot be produced by our body so we have to consume through food or beverage. For a healthy life consumption of organic water is very important.

Advantages of Consuming Natural Mineral Water

  • Good digestion
  • Improve bone density
  • A healthy heart
  • Electrolyte balance prevents dehydration, refills electrolyte loss.

Water is the Best Beverage for good health and what best than volcanic water from Western ghats. We source water from the origin using advanced techniques to preserve the purity and original taste of the water. Water quality remains the same after bottling absolutely organic without human interference till the bottle is uncapped. The sweet after taste lingers on your taste buds.

The unmatched taste derived from Natural Water Filtration is distinct. Therefore Komin acts as a rejuvenating liquid that boosts your immune system, detoxifies and nourishes your body with vital minerals and the Alkaline PH present in the water is best suited for the body. Luckily nature has bestowed mankind with essential minerals, which help us get more from nature in the form of water.

Komin Natural Mineral Water aids in building a Healthy Lifestyle for you and your family. Natural beauty is unique and comes from within. Being fit and healthy makes you happy and energetic, for maintaining desired balance we all must include a lifestyle that enables us to live life with immense joy.