The Quintessence of Western Ghats

Komin a tribute to Sahyadri Mountains

The story of Sahyadri Mountain range also known as Western ghats takes us to 150 million years ago. It is believed that the Sahyadri Mountains have been created during the break up of Gondwana land millions of years ago as stated above. The series of high hills contributes towards environment, weather and tourism and it is considered to be one among the best mountain ranges in the country.

Prime Facts of Western Ghats

Western ghats range houses some exotic flora and fauna, portraying perfect bio-diversity for many species to exist in harmony. Tall mountains are densely covered with plush green jungles causing heavy rainfall. UNESCO has recognized Sahyadri Mountains range as global heritage sites. The mountains stand as the summit of Monsoon Rains that nourishes many life-line rivers of Southern Peninsula.

Despite knowing the fact that water is very important, we tend to take it for granted. There are greater Health Benefits of Natural Mineral Water, minerals present in water leads you to better health. Minerals like Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc and Alkalinity of water aids better Digestion, Increases Metabolism, Radiant Skin and other dreaded disease will be cured.

The Western ghats belt offers amazing tourist destinations for a weekend getaway with family and friends, the lush green unpolluted air and water will leave remarkable impression on your mind.

Vital Role of Western Ghats in KominWater

The origin of Natural Mineral Water source at Western ghats, paved the way to bring Komin water to society. We are a brand that fulfills the need of pure and safe drinking water. The Natural Filtering Process of the water gives better taste which nourishes human body with essential minerals required for a healthy body and mind.

Essential Minerals:

Minerals like zinc, calcium and magnesium etc are not produced by body hence we rely on diet or supplements are rich in minerals. The vital nutrients present in Natural Mineral Water are also responsible to change the taste of the water, providing all the Essential Minerals to the body.

Health Benefits:

We at Komin are concerned about wellness and health for quite a long time. As we all know good health is the gift of god, we assure our product will leave a lasting healthy impact on the society. The minerals present in Natural Mineral Water was present from decades, we as a team want to bring this miracle drink to the society for overall health benefits.

Natural filteration :

Komin makes its journey through Basalt Layers before being treasured in Sacred Aquifer. Western ghats is a store house of Natural Mineral Water, where purification of water happens naturally. Rock Filtration Process is one of the natural ways of filtering organic mineral water.

Advantages of Natural Mineral Water

The harmonious balance of minerals gives you Good Health and Nourishment. A bottle of Komin comes with Valuable Minerals that are effective for a healthy body. Komin Water is pure and authentic from its origin to bottling. We follow strict safety measures such as hygiene, consistent taste and it is bottled at the source to prevent from human touch. Buying a bottle of Natural Mineral Water to quench thirst means you know what you are buying? You are actually buying essential minerals that help rejuvenate your body.

  • It comes Very Handy, Portable and above all keeps you Hydrated while you are on the go.
  • It can be supplied easily during Natural Calamities and during Cut Off of Municipal Water.
Thanks to the nature for giving one of kind lush green thick jungles located in Western Ghats Mountains. The Mountain Range is 100% Natural with Balanced Mineral Content; it is Filtered Naturally under Layers of Bedrock in deep and Sacred Aquifers.