Frequently Asked Questions

Natural Mineral Water is found underground beneath the layers of Sacred aquifers, it is loaded with essential minerals required for a healthy lifestyle. This water is sourced from the origin Sahyadri Mountain of Western Ghats.
Yes, it is a brand that satisfies the terms and conditions set by FSSAI in the category of 'Natural Mineral Water'. We are an ISO Certified Company. The mineral water is sourced from the origin without human intervention and bottled at the source without using any chemical treatment.
The origin speaks for itself; Komin is obligated to its origin – Sahyadri, a Sacred Aquifer. This aquifer is situated beneath the majestic sahyadri and is known to have a bounty of Natural Mineral Water. The natural water filtration process collected through mineral rich mantle from Monsoon Rains is incredibly rich with essential Natural Minerals. We are delighted to offer pure water from its source.
The water that is bottled at the source is enriched with Natural Minerals. During its stopover through porous lava mantle created from volcanic eruption, makes it volcanic or Organic Mineral Water filled with vital minerals.
No not all. Komin is served naturally just the way it is created by Mother Nature. Nature does it all for us, the mineral composition is unquestionable. The Natural Mineral Water is bottled at its source and served the way it is meant to be. The immaculate taste, color and mineral composition is all natural.
It is blessed with natural minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorous, Silica and many more. These Natural Minerals contribute to our signature taste, the ideal composition of minerals makes Komin a rare breed of Organic Mineral Water.
It is a pure perfection in an encased bottle. Natural Filtration purifies water and gives exceptional taste and purity. It is pure in every aspect as it is untouched by external source and guarantee distinctive and refreshing taste.
It is neutral or mildly alkaline with preferable pH balance which makes the water soft and soothing on taste. An ideal Natural Mineral Water should have pH Value around 7.6-7.8 for it to avoid being too acidic or alkaline.
It has longer shelf life because it is bottled at its source, when preserved in ideal conditions the natural mineral water remains fresh and tasty. It is advisable to go by the date of consumption printed on the bottle for healthier lifestyle.
It is packaged in pet bottles with High Grade PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is safe for beverage and food. The water stored in PET remains fresh, tasty and healthy because of its natural minerals. The PET bottle is recyclable to prevent adverse effects on environment.
Yes absolutely it is safe for consumption, because the water is tested and approved for human consumption. The Natural Mineral Water is passed through layers of rock, sand, silt etc and gets naturally filtered to give pure and fresh taste.
Yes, it adheres to rules set by International Standards for Natural Mineral Water. Request you to refer water quality report to verify its quality fit for human consumption.
Komin is available online, place your order through the link and will be delivered to your doorstep. You can also purchase it from our Authorized Franchisee Stores/Dealers.
For business inquiries feel free to reach out to our representatives at [email protected] We are happy to help.