Water Intake for Rebuilding a Healthy Living

Follow an Ultimate Guide for Water Intake

Most of us know how important it is to consume enough water. We hardly grasp how important daily water intake is, to maintain a healthy body. Water improves digestion, rejuvenates dead skin, and helps all our bodily functions.

Water is an ultimate life-sustaining resource. A normal human being can survive without food but cannot survive for more days without water intake. Our body is 60-70% water, for cells, organs and tissues water is main ingredient. It is our duty to search various ways to increase our daily water intake. To support our organs our body has to be well hydrated by frequent water consumption.

A well hydrated body is a treasure grove where as a dehydrated body brings in frequent headaches, muscle cramps, decreased bone health, dull skin and hair etc.

Drink Water to Keep Your Health at its Pink

Cultivate habit of consuming water regularly to have a healthy body. Earlier our ancestors would consume only water to keep themselves fit and energetic. No matter what illness water consumption was the only medication/treatment followed. For ex- flu, fever, diarrhea, body pain water was the only medication for cure.

For Good Health Let us Follow Natural Ways to Increase Water Intake

1.Water Bottle on the Go: Carry a water bottle along with you when you out for walk, jog, gym, trek, at work, while watching television or when you are doing nothing. This acts as a reminder for you to encap the bottle and sip fresh and pure water.

2.Keep Water Handy: Drink a glass of water before every meal this improves digestion and helps in weight loss. This habit will also keep your body hydrated.

3.Consume Fruits with High Water Content: Add rich water content fruits in your diet. Almost 20% water intake comes from food or fruits we consume.

4.Make green tea your Favorite Beverage: Consume green tea regularly to increase daily water intake. You can blend natural mineral water with different taste like peppermint, tulsi, cardamom, lemon, ginger, chamomile etc.

5.Drink Komin Water: Komin a natural mineral water is the best choice to keep your body free from water borne diseases. Komin water is bottled from the source and comes with natural flavor. It is free from radicals, free from bacteria and human touch.

6.Make Water Instake Interesting: Add twist to your daily water intake such as add water content veggies and fruits like cucumber, raddish, spinach, watermelon, peaches, muskmelon, strawberries etc.

7.Try Infused Water: Infused water detoxifies body. Keep your water jug or bottle filled with mint, lime cuts, cucumbers etc. This infusion is attractive and also reminds you to increase your water intake.

8.Increases Physical Strength: After or before workout water consumption is beneficial and helps in refilling lost fluids. This habit energizes muscles and improves muscle strength.

9.Keeps You Youthful: Regular water intake makes the skin radiant which will make you look young & healthy.

10.Strengthen Immune System: Immunization is the key. To fight from illnesses immunity plays a major role. For stronger immunity drinking natural mineral water is vital.

Whenever you feel like drinking water Komin Natural Mineral Water is at your service. We pour health in every glass of water consumed.

Rupa Author : Rupa

Posted in Health on Jul 25, 2018