Water a Good and Effective Natural Resource for Calcium Supplements

Our body needs essential minerals and nutrients for smooth functioning of the body, calcium is one among them. Human Heart, Nerves and Bones need calcium supply to function correctly. As we start to age our bones start losing strength so intake of essential minerals and supplements will help In making our bones dense and stronger.

We consider only food has the ability to supply enough calcium but water also plays a major role in fulfilling essential minerals for our body. Our body needs best calcium supplements to maintain strong bones.

For daily dose of calcium, drinking Komin Natural Mineral Water can be effective; the calcium in komin water is 36mg/L Units on the scale of 100. If our body does not get enough calcium supply we are prone to bone ailments. For a healthy you, a good diet is always beneficial and water is the crucial one, as it keeps our body free from toxins and also keep us hydrated. Dehydration has many ill effects on health like loss of immunity and metabolism so drinking enough water is the only solution to maintain good health and live fit.

Few Good Reasons to Drink Komin Natural Mineral Water

1.Calcium in water improves bone health, metabolism, immunity and also mood.

2.You will sleep better.

3.Aids in digestion.

4.Relieves you from joint pain and aches.

5.It is considered as one of the best calcium supplements for a healthy you.

6.Live fit as calcium in water helps in weight loss as water is calorie free. ( drink a glass of water before, during and after a meal).

7.To live fit increase the intake of water and get daily dose of calcium through water.

For Healthy you Few Foods & Drink Supplements, Considered as Best calcium Supplements

1.Natural Mineral Water can provide you with good amount of calcium.

2.Milk and other dairy products (Cheese, yogurt).

3.Broccoli, figs, ragi, beans, kale, tofu are some of the foods filled with calcium.

4.Green leafy vegetables spinach, dandelion leaves etc

5.Sea food like Fish, salmon and sardines are good of calcium.

6.Seeds and nuts like almonds, pistachios, hazelnut and sesame, Milk substitutes, soy milk and soy products, fruit juices etc.


Consumption of vital minerals is essential to keep our body in good condition, but overdose might deteriorate our health. Consuming calcium rich foods and drinks in required quantity might work wonders.

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Posted in Product, Health on Aug 09, 2018