Selenium and Zinc present in Komin Water - Boost Immune System Naturally

Selenium and Zinc are not commonly heard but they are vital nutrients for human body. This mineral can be obtained through diet; though it should be taken in small amount it has remarkable benefits on the body. On the other hand lack of Zinc makes a person prone to illnesses, this mineral combats poor immune system. Small intake of this mineral reap high benefits (8 mg for women and 11mg for men is recommended for a day)

If you are looking for overall good health, younger appearance and sharp mind start your day with consumption of these wonderful minerals. Consume diet and beverage that has natural minerals, Komin Natural Mineral Water has these natural minerals direct from the nature.

Healthy Facts of Selenium

1. Boosts immune system, detoxifies your body, improves metabolism and thyroid functions.

2. Prevents cell damage and acts as a powerful Anti-Oxidant.

3. Improves overall quality of life.

4. Regular radiation and therapy if combined with selenium intake decreases side effects of Cancer.

5. Selenium is considered best supplements and mineral for immune system.

6. This mineral also prevents mental decline like Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

7. Combination of best diet rich in selenium and Komin natural mineral water provides you good health.

Benefits of Zinc

1. Regular intake of this mineral boost immune system, treats common cold.

2. Decreases age-related chronic diseases, loss of appetite etc caused by zinc deficiency and also plays a major role in wound healing.

3. Improves learning and memory.

4. Treats Diarrhea in children and helps in child growth.

5. Helps in fertility especially in men.

6. Pregnant and lactating women need regular intake of zinc for child growth.

7. This mineral is also one of the best supplements for immune system.

8. Other benefits are it treats acne, pneumonia, cardio-vascular diseases etc.

9. Good sources of zinc are meat, fish, nuts, dairy products and whole wheat grains.


Selenium and Zinc are ultimate powerhouse minerals, consumption of these minerals regularly aids overall good health and youthful appearance. Komin water provides all you need for a healthy lifestyle.

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Posted in Product, Health on Sep 06, 2018