How Alkaline Water is Beneficial for Human body?

Yes Alkaline Water is beneficial for human body if consumed moderately. Drinking adequate amount of water for proper functioning of body is necessary; this helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body that hinders our wellbeing. Consuming this water not only increases overall health but also contributes to fight several dangerous diseases.

What is alkaline water?

Well drinking alkaline water has become a trend and we are suggested to consume it for several health benefits. This water is ionized and also the pH level is high, it also helps in neutralizing acid levels in the human body which normal water fails to do so. The pH level of normal tap water is 7 where as the pH level of alkaline water falls between 8-9 on the scale of 0-14.

When Foods cannot Balance Alkalinity in the Body then Water will Surely Do.

Actually our kidneys, lungs and liver do all the maintenance of pH level in our body, but off-late ionized/alkaline water has taken the charge of balancing the acidic level of the human body. Stay away from artificial alkaline water as they have fewer minerals; instead consume Komin Natural Mineral Water having pH level of 7.6 which is good for overall wellbeing.

Let us know Few Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

1.It has amazing ultra hydrating power compared to normal water; the water molecules are small and are easily absorbed by the cells.

2.For healthy bones magnesium and calcium minerals are important and this water has adequate amount of these vital minerals.

3.This water is a powerful antioxidant that protects our body from free radicals, free radicals disturb our immune system leading to various health issues.

4.For a balanced alkaline body stay away from fatty foods like meat, cheese, smoking, alcohol etc.

5.Alkaline water keeps a good balance of pH in the human body, as it neutralizes the acid levels in the body.

6.This water helps in detoxifying harmful toxins from the body.

7.It also helps to combat cancer cells and prevents Diabetes.

8.Helps in losing weight.

9.It acts as a preventive measure for Psoriasis a dreaded skin infection.

10.Komin Natural Mineral Water helps in keeping your skin healthier naturally.

Maintain a proper diet to keep illness at bay. For overall wellbeing consume Komin natural mineral water, this will surely keep you fit and healthy for years to come.


For a healthy and fit body consuming alkaline water is beneficial. Do not overdo as it might lead to imbalance of pH level in human body.

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Posted in Product on Aug 23, 2018