Few Health Tips to Keep us Healthy During Indian Monsoons

Monsoon or rainy season in India made a grand entry giving us a reason to be relieved from bitter summers. We wait for monsoons to enjoy the pleasant weather. A cup of hot tea with pakoras or something hot and savory to keep us company during downpour is what we look forward to? Whereas the truth is it also brings many health issues we need to be careful about.

Our immune system gets disturbed during rainy season, keeping a tab on what we eat or drink becomes very important. Especially kids, old and pregnant women face severe health issues of cold, cough and allergic conditions in monsoon. During Indian monsoons several waterborne diseases attack human body causing risks that can be fatal as our body loses immunity in this season.

Some Health Tips to Follow to be Healthy During Rainy Season

-> During Indian monsoons it is not safe to indulge into eating roadside food, try to avoid street food during monsoons. Street food is tempting though but not a healthy choice during monsoons.

-> Keep your children indoors to avoid fungal infections of heel and feet due to rain water.

-> Avoid eating raw vegetables it can be unhygienic due to contamination.

-> Keep insect repellents handy, take anti-bacterial, malarial drug to remain safe during monsoon.

-> Consume hot drinks and food as much as you can such as vegetable soup, herbal teas etc.

-> Keep your body dry and clean to avoid infections, cold and cough.

-> Consume more fruits to restore energy; consumption in adequate quantity is advisable. Dry fruits can be more effective too.

-> Drink purified water or boiled water to avoid contact with water borne diseases.

-> Keep your surrounding clean and dry to avoid mosquito and other harmful breeding.

-> During monsoon avoid drinking milk instead consume other milk products such as yogurt, sweetened milk, sweets. This form of milk consumption is beneficial as milk is boiled at 100 degree free from bacterias.

-> Keep yourself away from spicy food as it can aggravate skin allergies during monsoon.

-> Drink Komin Natural Mineral Water to maintain balanced health in monsoon, this water is filled with essential minerals that help you combat monsoon allergies.

-> Carry essentials like rain coat or umbrella while you are stepping out of the house.

Everyone loves to dance in the rain, even after the cool splashes rainy season has its own flaws. Follow these above health tips to safeguard from flu, fever, cold, cough and other allergies in this monsoon.


Rainy season has arrived; keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy by incorporating few healthy tips that can be a boon.

Rupa Author : Rupa

Posted in Health on Aug 16, 2018