• Komin - Owned and Created by Mother Nature.

    To continue having healthy life water is a life sustaining source, komin water does more than just maintaining life. Natural mineral water sourced from Western Ghats is pure, fresh and untouched by human hands.

    Posted in Product on Jul 11, 2018

  • Natural Mineral Water an Elixir for Dehydration

    Human body requires enough water to maintain good health. The body is comprised of 70% water and it should be supplied for hydration. Water is the basic necessity for our survival and for good functioning of the organs especially natural mineral water does wonder to our body. This water has exceptional natural taste that is neither flat nor dull. It only promises refreshing taste.

    Posted in Health on Jul 05, 2018

  • Choose Natural Mineral Water- Choose Your Health

    If not now, then when? It’s high time to take steps towards controlling pollution affecting our health and day to day life. Even the air is polluted and harmful for human beings.

    Posted in Health on Jun 25, 2018

  • Think Before You Drink – Natural Mineral Water or Packaged Drinking Water

    Water and Air, the two most vital and substantial need of every living being on earth. Not a single living being can survive without these two natural resources. In simple words, water can be defined as the life-sustaining resource to human body for being healthy.

    Posted in Product on Jun 15, 2018