The Taste from India’s Western Ghats

Western Ghat’s Sahyadri Mountain is believed to be one of the oldest and thick green blanketed Benevolent Mountains, it is carved out of thick mass of lava erupting from volcanic occurrence millions of years ago through tectonic forces of volcanism.

Komin a rare breed of Natural Mineral Water with Natural Taste is purely organic and free from human touch. These mountains have slowly eroded through the action of weather conditions and rivers helping resource extraction and recreation.

The Western Ghats range is older than famous Himalayan mountain belt. The mountain range has immense global importance for bio-diversity where flora and fauna are in harmony. The ghats also nourishes many perennial rivers

Taste the Natural Mineral Water at its Purest form

The need to source Komin Natural Mineral Water from Western Ghats was to serve pure water which is naturally purified. The water purification process is natural that happens under the basalt layers, the bottling of organic natural mineral water takes place at the origin. Therefore, to gulp a bottle of KOMIN is to experience the virgin taste of organically-enriched volcanic water from the magnanimous Sahyadri Mountains.

Organic mineral water from Western Ghats with unique volcanic filtration is filled with natural minerals that help rejuvenate tired body. This water has immense health benefits with Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Zinc and other essential minerals acting as nutrients to the body. These minerals increase Metabolism, Reduce Fatigue, Replenish and Rejuvenates Dull Skin etc.

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Western Ghats range offers amazing tourist destination that can fill your heart with incredible happiness. Nature can do wonders to our body and mind, similarly water is another source to build a healthy life style, because without water human existence is impossible. Thinking on these lines Komin came up with the idea to serve society, by offering Organic Water filled with essential minerals required to maintain good health.

Get a bottle of Komin Natural Mineral Water direct from Western ghats that will surely give you a blissful taste. We are striving to build a healthy society and this is our payback time…